Lexus Owners Gift



As part of the Lexus of Brisbane Group, Lexus of Southport each year supports a charity on behalf of our owners - which has been aptly named the Lexus Owners' Gift.

2024 Lexus Owners' Gift Recipient

We’re thrilled to share that Legacy Brisbane’s ‘Bring it Home’ campaign will be the beneficiary of the Lexus Owners’ Gift for the next three years.

Since 2004, we have supported many local charities on behalf of you, our Lexus owners. As we move into our 20th year of the initiative, we felt it was time to restructure the gift. Instead of selecting a new charity every year, we have decided to support Legacy Brisbane for the next three years, making a more significant impact on your behalf.

How your gift will help

Since their foundation in 1928, Legacy Brisbane has assisted the families of Australia’s veterans by providing long-term social, emotional, developmental and financial support. They care for those in need, believing adversity in service should not lead to financial or social disadvantage.

The ‘Bring it Home’ campaign marks the construction of the new Legacy House in Greenslopes, with the vision that the house becomes a central hub for ex-service organisations in Brisbane, while providing the wrap-around care that Australian veterans and their families desperately need.

History of the Lexus Owners' Gift

Each year, the Lexus of Brisbane Group traditionally sent a small Christmas gift to our owners. However, more and more of our owners suggested that they would prefer the money which was allocated to the gifts to instead be put towards a charitable cause, and in 2004 the Lexus Owners' Gift was formed. 

Every year a number of organisations apply for the gift and after much consideration, the Scifleet family personally make the selection based on set criteria, whilst keeping our owners at the forefront of the decision making process.

The Lexus Owners' Gift is much more than a one-off donation. The successful organisation has the opportunity to heighten their exposure through the Lexus owners' network and promote their charity at Lexus sponsored functions and in-dealership events.


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